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5 Must-Have Loaf Cakes this Summer

5 Must-Have Loaf Cakes this Summer

As we all know summer is fast approaching here in the UK along with the COVID Restrictions which are set to be uplifted on the 21st of June. That of course means you’ll be able to resume life normally, meeting your family and friends. so now is the time to plan ahead for the eventual meetups and things to do. One thing you can certainly do, is check out this nifty list we’ve made just for you and the cakes you must not miss out on this summer.

There is a vast assortment of cakes available in the market, which can at times, make you spoilt for choices. But out of all the options, here are some we believe stand out from the rest.


  • Madeira Loaf Cake - Soft and delicious Madeira loaf cake fresh out the oven from the loaf shop! Baked according to the traditional Yorkshire recipe and enriched with a hint of vanilla to achieve the timeless Madeira taste and cake consistency. Baked to fluffy magnificence, the Madeira loaf cake is sure to tingle your taste buds and salivate at the thought of another serving. It works perfectly as a soft snack for any occasion, or as a gift in the upcoming festive season.


  • Chocolate Loaf Cake - A moist chocolate sponge cake loaded with fudge chunks and chocolate cubes. One of the most extravagant products, this chocolate loaf cake is sure to make the festive season a treat for your loved ones. The chocolate loaf cake is made from the best ingredients available. The batter is prepared to a traditional recipe, and laden with chocolate and is baked fluffy perfection.


  • Sultana Loaf Cake - An authentic, mouth-watering sponge cake full of sultana grapes. Want to give it as a gift to someone? They won’t be let down with this delicious, light, and fluffy sultana loaf. Made from a rich batter combined according to the traditional Yorkshire recipe, sprinkled with sultanas, and cooked to fluffy brilliance.


  • Cherry Loaf Cake - A moist and soft cherry fruit loaf covered with succulent glazed cherries. It is a timeless classic, and its recipe has been passed down via many generations and to this day it is made from the same love and affection. Glazed cherries are added to the batter for a twist of sugary taste and then bake in an oven to perfection.


  • Madeira Cakes – A moist and fluffy selection of madeira cakes featuring a selection of traditional Yorkshire ingredients, including, cherry loaf cake, milk chocolate chip loaf cake and the traditional plain madeira loaf cake. The perfect choice for if you can’t make up your mind.

If you want something a little more special then, you should definitely check out the Yorkshire classics box which has all of the special cakes mentioned above. In addition to that, there are other classic cakes also available in this box for you to munch away at.