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Our Story

Yorkshire Baking Company was founded upon 50 years of experience in the baking industry by bakers who are serious about their art, Based in the heart of Yorkshire, we believe baking is not just a means to an end, but an ideology, a way of life, a way of expressing yourself, expression not by silly marketing or adverts but with the perfection of the product that is created, by the cakes that are baked.

Our modern-day production methods allow us to create both classic cakes and new favourites. We aim for perfection in every cake we bake. We’re also backed up by our 2019 AA BRC Food Certification—the highest accreditation in food safety. 

Our ideology has been endorsed by several major retailers, who stock and promote Yorkshire Baking Company cakes. Another key factor in our success has been our belief that cakes taste best when they’ve been freshly baked, using exactly the same ingredients and techniques as traditional recipes. For this reason Yorkshire Baking Company has state-of-the-art facilities, with a team of resident bakers and cake decorators who share our ethos. This enables Yorkshire Baking Company to proudly bake the finest cakes.

We are proud to rank within the top ten cake brands in the UK according to The Grocer, alongside iconic names —established names that we are aiming to emulate in the near future.


Family Recipes

Our recipes have been tried and tested in family kitchens, with rigorous tasting by all generations. The result is a range of perfect cakes that are suitable for everyone to enjoy

Tradition Lives

With the influence of authentic Yorkshire flavours, our cakes combine taste with tradition to create some truly mouth-watering products.

Our Bakehouse  

Proudly baked in Yorkshire, a vast range of tempting madeira cakes, fairy cakes and cake slices are produced in our modern, purpose-built factory. Using traditional recipes that go back generations, as well as our state-of-the-art production facilities, we can produce our cakes to a consistently high standard. Once they’re ready for sale, we safely distribute them through our own logistics department.

With an ever increasing portfolio of cakes in regular production, we’ll continue our policy of creating many different delicious baked goods. We also closely consult our customers; their feedback is invaluable for creating the right cakes in the future.

Lovingly Baked  

Yorkshire Baking Company is built on the foundations of kinship. Our team is a family who loves to bake, ensuring that each of our cakes is produced with pride.


We want everyone to enjoy our traditions. That’s why our cakes are available for delivery or purchase across the UK!