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Yorkshire Tradition: Pairing Fruit Cake with Cheese

Yorkshire Tradition: Pairing Fruit Cake with Cheese

Fruit cake is divine on its own or with a cup of steaming tea - but if you want to enjoy it the traditional way, you can always pair it up with cheese.

Odd as the combination sounds, it is delicious. In Yorkshire, we often pair our fruit cake with cheese for a mouthful of wholesome flavours that run-in harmony.

Two things Yorkshire is best known for is artisan level bakemanship and fresh homemade produce. The traditional fruit cake and cheese combination allows you to enjoy both these Yorkshire specialties in one go.

Fruit Loaf and Cheese: What’s Special?

Fruit cake and loaf has long been a British teatime staple. Baked moist and spongey from a rich batter containing candied fruits and nuts, this classic treat is also served during weddings and other festive occasions.

Traditionally, fruit cakes were considered too rich to be served alongside condiments like butter and cream. But by embracing the fruit cake-cheese pairing, culinary traditions in Yorkshire have proved this wrong.

What may sound odd at first glimpse is actually an example of the culinary genius Yorkshire has earned its reputation for. Adding a slice of aged cheese can improve the taste of your fruit cake.

Think about it: the tart creaminess of homemade cheese complements the sweet to zesty taste of fruit tea cake, allowing you to enjoy its flavour in full.

Serving cheese with your fruit cake is a Yorkshire hack that can bring out the flavour of your fruit loaf and make the moment special.

What Made it Vogue?

Yorkshire is known for setting bold traditions in the world of baking. The fruit cake and cheese combination has been cherished in the area since Victorian times.

This delicious pairing was mentioned by author Joseph Lucas in “Studies in Nidderdale” penned in 1871. “On Christmas Eve one Yule Cake is given to each member of the family, along with a piece of Christmas cheese,” he wrote.

Lucas was most probably referring to the famous Wensleydale cheese which remains a Yorkshire specialty to this day. In early days, the cheese was made during spring and it took until the holiday season for it to mature.

These days, luckily, you do not have to wait until winters to enjoy your fruit cake since the cheese is widely available in Yorkshire throughout the year.

How to Enjoy Your Piece of Cake?

You can serve any type of fruit cake or loaf with cheese. To enjoy it the traditional way, go for a tart-sweet yorkshire mega loaf like cherry loaf cake or sultana. You can even go for fruity tea loaf or a spongey madeira studded with dried fruit.

In cheeses, we recommend Yorkshire’s creamy Wensleydale cheese but you can also opt for flakier varieties like Lancashire. The sharp taste of specialty cheddar or the flavour-packed blue varieties also work well with fruit tea cake.

To exalt your fruit cake to a full-fledged weekend treat, decorate your fruit cake by glazing it up or pairing it with delicious toppings of your choice. Plate with a slice of cheese and enjoy with a cup of tea.

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