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Must - Have Loafs This Fall Season

Must - Have Loafs This Fall Season

It's that time of the year again where people like nothing better, than to take a warm bath, plop themselves beside the fireplace, and enjoy a cosy beverage like tea. Well, what goes best with tea or a cup of coffee? That's right! A cake to accompany your warm tea. With that being said, let's take a peek into our top picks for tea loaf this season for when you fancy a brew!

Yorkshire Mega Loaf

A classic Yorkshire mega loaf is perfect for chilly nights and complements your warm beverage exceptionally well. That's only the case if your loaf cake is made to an authentic Yorkshire recipe and has all the goodness from its rich ingredients. You could always serve it up as a treat for your guests if you're having some over for a nice warm cup of tea!

Chocolate Loaf Cake

Chocolates and the fall season go together like bread and butter. The timeless chocolate loaf cake can be enjoyed as is after a long tedious day of work. Or you could always pair it up with a delicious and thick hot chocolate to double the chocolate fun! Though, if you are a traditionalist and prefer tea along with your moist loaf cake then that's not a bad choice either. Be sure to store the cake in an airtight jar or else it will go stale.

Coffee Loaf Cake

Just like its ‘cousin’ chocolate, coffee loaf cake is also a well-liked choice for a snack to pair up with your hot drinks in the fall season. Preferably, if you are opting for this cake then, don't go with coffee as your desired drink. Mainly because doubling up on coffee isn't as fun as doing that with chocolate. Well, that's if you don't have the tastebuds for it, the choice lies entirely up to you!

Sultana Loaf Cake 

A sultana loaf cake is an obvious choice. Sultana grapes, when dried make for an excellent dry fruit which is oft eaten during the cold days on winter traditionally in the Sub-continental area. Along with your hot drink, the fluffy and light sultana cake will make sure that you stay warm and cosy too!

Lemon Crunch Cake

A timeless classic! Used for generations as a regular snack during tea-time in Britain. Although, it is more of a seasonless snack, meaning you can eat it all around the year without hesitation. Though mostly, it is brought out for tea with the guests. Well, that shouldn't be the only time, for as classic as the lemon crunch cake is, it should be eaten around the clock every single day!

Ginger Loaf Cake

If unfortunately, you catch the flu during the transition of seasons, a ginger cake along with some cardamom tea is the way to go! Ginger is known to alleviate the symptoms associated with the common flu. This combo of ginger loaf cake and tea will make sure you’re back at full health in no time at all!